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Review: August 2012 - Air Conditioning Installation Part Two

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The Care of the live Christmas tree With a few simple steps, you can enjoy your tree throughout the holiday season! A fresh cut tree, brought home in advance of bringing it indoors for decorating, should be placed in a container of water, in a cool shaded area, sheltered from the wind. If kept outside, make sure the water supply does not freeze. Before bringing it indoors, cut off an inch from the butt end. This fresh cut will enable the tree to soak up water. Put the tree in a stand, which can hold one to two gallons of water. Since fresh cut trees absorb a pint to a quart of water each day, check water level at least once daily and always keep water level above the cut end. Always keep the butt of the tree in water. If it has been out of water for more than a few hours, the sap will seal the cut trunk and it will no longer absorb water. Keeping a tree stand filled with water will prevent needle drop and prolong the tree’s freshness and color.

Select a location inside your home that is not too close to a fireplace, heat duct or radiator. Place tree in tree stand with plastic netting on. This makes it easier to move and straighten tree. Netting can be removed once the tree is set up. The tree will take a couple of hours to return to its natural shape once the netting is removed. Fill the stand with water. On the initial fill, warm or hot water is beneficial. The care and planting of a balled & burlapped tree. If you have selected a balled & burlapped (dug) Christmas tree, several days prior to being brought indoors, it needs to be placed in an unheated, protected enclosure (utility building, garage, carport, basement) or on the northeast side of the house. This conditioning process adjusts the tree to the effects of rapid temperature and humidity changes that occur indoors. Before bringing the tree indoors, place it in a washtub or similar waterproof container.

To help stabilize it, sand or gravel may be filled in around the root ball. Keep root ball moist; approximately a pint to a quart of water, daily, will sustain a 5 to 6 ft. tree. Ideally, it’s best to keep a dug tree in a 65 to 68 degree indoor environment and for no longer than seven days.