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There are numerous hostels in New York City, and they are in every district (area) of the Metropolitan area. As with most accommodations, location will play into the price per night.
Hostels are a clean and safe substitute to a typical hotel room. Most hostels have Air Conditioning, complimentary luggage storage available, no curfews and 24 hour reception. Almost all will provide you with clean linens and towels for your use while there. And some even put forward a complimentary breakfast. Some hostels have a kitchen and/or laundry room that you can use as well.

Some hostels have key card access, car parking and tourist information available, as well as a “local” to get advice from. In addition, most are now offering internet access for those of you that need to be connected or want to write home to tell them how outstanding this New York travel deal is! Then there are those hostels that provide more superior services and produce concierge services, rooms with a private bathroom, and access to workout facilities and a pool in addition to the other services. Most hostels are 18 years old and up, some allow 16 year olds and up and there are only a few hostels that are child-friendly, but this opens up another avenue to explore for accommodations for families searching for a New York travel deal. For example, Hostelling International-New York is a child-friendly place. A really fun hostel to stay at is the Chelsea Star Hotel (yes, it is a hostel). It happens to have been Madonna’s home in the 80″s. They have a Madonna themed room among others. The dormitory beds are about $20 USD per night and it located close to Madison Square Garden. This is a really stellar NY travel deal.

Fantastic price and fantastic location. There are over 40 different hostels around the New York metropolitan area and you can reserve them ahead of time on the internet or over the phone. For the price, convenience and service, a hostel is an awesome New York travel deal. Certainly, one you should keep in mind when planning your next trip to New York City.